Dispute Resolution

As Chartered Surveyors, Robert Martell & Partners have developed specialist services to assist construction parties in the resolution of their disputes in an accurate, efficient and economic manner. 

Robert Martell and Partners regularly act in the following capacities, either directly for clients or under instruction from their solicitors.

  • Negotiation: Holding “open” and “without prejudice” negotiation on both qualitative and quantitative construction issues to settle differences between two or more parties to a construction contract.

  • Expert Witness: Acting as Part 35 single or joint expert witness under CPR in Legal and ADR cases under instructions from legal representatives in The High Court, County Court, Arbitration, Adjudication and Mediation proceedings.

  • Mediation: Acting as Mediator in Construction, Commercial and Domestic (Boundary Wall/neighbour) disputes, with values between £5,000 and £225,000. Robert has a current successful settlement rate of over 90%.

  • Adjudication: Representing parties at adjudication under bespoke agreements or The Scheme including preparing the Notice and Referral documentation and managing the adjudication processes and hearing.

  • Expert Determination: Acting as an expert determinator between two parties arising out of a specific agreement/appointment to determine quantitative and qualitative issue resulting from a construction contract.

  • Contract Advice: Advising clients on the preparation, interpretation and execution of both standard and specific Forms of Building Contracts for building works.