Party Wall Matters

If you are intending to undertake works to a wall separating two properties or will be undertaking excavations within 6 metres of a building or structure, then you may need to serve official notice on your neighbour.  We are able to advise you on whether the Party Wall Act does apply and if so, serve the required notices and agree the Party Wall Awards with all those affected.

Our surveyors have acted under the Party Wall etc Act (1996) since its inception and have therefore built up an in-depth knowledge of the requirements.

We act for both building owners who are required by law to serve notice on their
adjoining owners and also for adjoining owners on whom notice has been served.

At an early stage we can advise whether notice needs to be served and, if so, which notice(s) is/are required. 

Wherever possible, we aim to agree the works with the adjoining owners as quickly as possible whilst maintaining our professional impartial