Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are the surveyors at Robert Martell & Partners local and experienced?

A: All our surveyors at Robert Martell & Partners are  locally based in Hertfordshire in which they work and have extensive experience and local knowledge.

Q: Do I need a survey?

A: A survey is optional and would be at your own choice. However, surveys are conducted to help you avoid paying expensive surprises, such as an unexpected rewiring job. With the information from the survey, you might want to reconsider whether to buy the property or use the findings to negotiate the price.

Q: What type of survey is best suited for me?

A: The dependant factor on deciding the appropriate survey, includes the type and age of the property and the level of detail required in the report. It is important to us and for you to discuss the requirements with one of our team, to enable us to fully understand your concerns and ensure you get the best advice for your survey. 

Q: How long will i have to wait until i get my report?


We understand that there are often time sensitive issues affecting property purchases and we always endeavour to complete and issue our reports as soon as possible after inspecting the property. Therefore, it is often helpful to us if we are made aware of any impending deadlines. We are then able to do our best in providing a competitive and efficient service, issuing reports as soon as practicable.

Q: Can the surveyor check for damp?

A: Yes, all our surveyors use moisture meters, which are known as a protimeter, designed to detect damp in various materials such as wood, plaster and concrete throughout the property as part of our inspections. 

Q: I am concerned about Asbestos within the property, can this be detected during the inspection?

Asbestos is a common element in building materials which were widely used in a variety of properties  between 1930 to around 1980. Whilst Asbestos is a hazardous material, its presence does not always mean that there is a risk of immediate danger. Therefore, we are able to detect some forms of asbestos in the property. However, if asbestos is found we would offer our recommendation of a detailed specialised survey to be conducted. 

If you have a more specific question, please feel free to ask us yourself.  

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