Employer's Agent

Robert Martell & Partners provide Employers Agent services acting on behalf of the client as the contract administrator under Design and Build construction contracts. 

We have successfully delivered numerous Design and Build projects as Employers Agents by acquiring a detailed understanding of the clients specific requirements to ensure the successful development and completion of the project.Within our role as Employers Agents, we undertake tasks including:

  • Issuing instructions.
  • Managing change control procedures.
  • Regularly monitoring of the progress of works.
  • Preparing progress reports for the client.
  • Validating payments.
  • Considering claims.
  • Overseeing commissioning and inspections.
  • Arranging handover.
  • Certifying practical completion.
  • Agreeing final account.

We also offer to carry out additional services prior to the award of contract such as:

  • Coordinating the tender process.
  • Accumulating contract documents.
  • Implementing change control procedures.