Project Management

Project management is the management of people, time and costs by an individual or a team to ensure the efficient commencement, progress and conclusion of a project. All these elements apply to construction projects with Robert Martell and Partners can assist with.

Project managers in the construction industry are responsible for planning and managing building projects, such as refurbishing a house or building a skyscraper.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Design,
  • Procurement, 
  • Planning authorities, 
  • Budget, 
  • Contractors, 
  • Clients, 
  • Change, 
  • The life-cycle of the project, 
  • Document management, 
  • And, other areas, to ensure that the construction project reaches a desired conclusion.

Project management in the construction industry also has to comply with sustainability, insurance, health and safety, and legal requirements of the country in which the project is based.

Here at Robert Martell and Partners, we've taken the burden off many clients and helped complete their projects. 

These projects range from a small property conversion to a large housing association development of 100+ properties. We feel that no job is too big or small and will all equally get our attention an