Residential Design Work


Measured Surveys:

  • We can measure and record the existing layout and elevations of your property and prepare computer aided drawings showing the recorded information. Measured surveys are a the initial starting base for the development of proposed extensions or internal alterations.

Feasibility Proposals:

  • A feasibility proposal or feasibility study consists of a full review an analysis of all the factors that may effect your requirements and aspirations for your property. The study will evaluate those factors and make recommendations on the feasibility of achieving your aspirations for the property. Often the study will include basis outline drawing proposals.

Full design services for Planning and Building Regulation Applications:

  • Nearly all intended extension or internal alteration works will involve some form of statutory application and approval. As a service we are able to develop your requirements into a presentable manner and prepare and coordinate all supporting documentation to enable an application to be submitted. We are converse with the requirements of the Statutory authorities and national and local policies that govern Planning and Building Regulation requirements.

Budget Estimates

  • On all projects cost is a large concern for clients and can often be a discouraging factor for perusing their aspirations for your property. As a service we can provide budget estimates on for all stages of the works. The estimates will be based upon the information available at the time and can give the client an accurate expectation on the cost and budget. as a service we are able to provide cost updates as the project progress on site to ensure costs do not escalate without the clients knowledge and approval.

Contract Administration and Valuation of the works during the construction process:

  • A Contract Administrator is an individual employed as an independent party by the property owner to fairly administer the contractual agreement between the client and contractors through the works. The role will involve the coordination and preparation of information to enable the contractor clarity on specific items requested to enable the construction process to develop. The Contract Administrators role exists to facilitate the relationship between client and contractor and address in the first instant differences between the parties.

Quality inspections during the contract period and post completion.

  • When a client commissions a contractor to undertake a project there is an expectation on the quality of the finish and works. as a service we can undertake inspections to ensure the works are being undertaken in accordance with current regulations and to a standard expected by the client..